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Random quote: Terry Hurlock, a one-man disciplinary crime wave, remains, unsurprisingly, a cult hero in Millwall-supporting enclaves of south London. "Timesonline"
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Why millwall,?
09 August 2017 18:55 Post ID: #1546684 - in reply to #1546679
Legend MO
My Dad. Took me to my 1st game, when I was 5, in 1953. Remember being passed from halfway up the Ilderton Road terrace to the pitch over the heads on supporters. No memories of the early games (no Just Backs in those days). The 1st game that seriously registered with me was the FA Cup 2-1 victory over Newcastle 1957 in a crowd of 45000. Despite being young I managed to see the entire game by standing on the concrete ledge over the Ilderton Road entrance - no health and safety in those days! Sadly, our younger supporters will never experience anything like this

My son has followed in my footsteps and his son (aged 16 months) already has his kit etc so hopefully he will continue the line.
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09 August 2017 20:00 Post ID: #1546694 - in reply to #1546684
Danger MOuse
Great replays by all, and yes purley, the youth will never grasp.that was the point of my post.the fan base used to spread to Brixton Croydon out to Kent,Nigel's had Surry, the trainspotters had age UK! Pre mobiles x CCTV it was wicked to be wall, the buzz of being on the tube knowing the vermin were around, entering Euston against big firms and giving it! Sometimes 80/100 against thousands.we used to go to Stratford, Morros,the puddings,and some other boozer and take the piss and fuck off in the mk111 cortina. Oh great days indeed.
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09 August 2017 21:40 Post ID: #1546701 - in reply to #1546647
Supreme MO
FireWall - 9/8/2017 16:02

whiskylion - 9/8/2017 15:41

silverlion - 9/8/2017 07:01

My grandad took my Dad when he was two and he took me when I was two.

Sounds unlikely, Silver: Millwall go back only as far as 1885....

Well Whisky, a strange bit family history. My mum was born in 1918, been gone some years now, her father my grandfather who I never met (obvs) was 60yrs old when she was born. That was 1858, 27 yrs before Millwall were formed, bizarre for me to think one grandfather was born 159 years ago.

That is seriously impressive, Fire. And highly unusual, I suspect.

My great-grandfather was born AT SEA!! in 1857 (hence James Columbus Murray). His son, my grandfather (whom i can just remember) was born in Hull in the 1880s and came to London at the turn of the 20th century, eventually ending up in Deptford/New Cross.

He and his youngest son went every other week to see Charlton. My Dad and another brother aligned with Millwall, so there was fierce rivalry in the family. My Dad's first game at The Den was in the early 1920s (he was born in 1916) and he first took me on the 30th April 1966.

My son James' first game was, neatly and ironically, at Hull City for a certain 1-0 in the thunderstorm in 1988. He wasn't yet two years old...

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10 August 2017 06:00 Post ID: #1546721 - in reply to #1546516
Little Wacker
Because God loves me and blessed me with millwall. He made my blood blue. In all seriousness I followed my dad he took me to the old den 41 years ago. I took all my sons down the den within two weeks of them being born they now all staunch especially my seven year old who was on TV at Wembley at end of match just as Kenny j starts to speak camera pans in on him. I have hand around him
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10 August 2017 07:32 Post ID: #1546723 - in reply to #1546516
Supreme MO
Both my parents were born in 1917 (mum is 100 later this year) Both my dads parents were dead when I arrived but they seemed to be knocking them out into a fairly late age.
As stated my old man was the third youngest and all I know of his parents is that I have a single photo of my grandmother with my dad who appeared to be about 10 and his next oldest brother Jimmy (Millwall Companion) with their youngest sister Jane along with two nephews who appear to be around 4-5 years old.
My grandmother appeared to be around 70 in the photo but she was probably much younger than she looked, my old man never discussed the past except for the odd snippet that he worked as a child carrying empty Dutch boxes (Wooden fish boxes with an handle either end that were too long for his arm-span) he owned a cardigan with no buttons and he used to pull the wool through the eye-holes and secure with a rusty bent nail to keep it fastened .
I would guess that he never visited Millwall until his older brother Jimmy began earning a mans wage to treat my dad to his baptism of the old den, my grandfathers sole concern was his own stomach being filled with steak and beer and football (He worked on the Isle of Dogs shovelling coal on the barges) and the kids were left to fend for themselves as the mother was just a breeding machine for the drunken father to satisfy his needs.
He hated his old man with a passion and if it had been me in his situation I would have gone and supported the hammers just to spite him but my old man lived in his brothers shadow and it was his love of him that he followed the Wall.

Edited by lionheart48 10/8/2017 07:56
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