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Picking Fruit & Veg - Brexit nw
13 September 2017 09:39 Post ID: #1552312
I have never picked fruit and veg, not even paid to go to North Korea to do it. I have picked blackberries from local bushes - it's not a euphemism and I wouldn't know what for - when I was younger.

But it seems to me that it is a job that involves much less technical behaviour than that enrolled in the automotive industry. While I understand these machines are a helluva lot more expensive at RRP, both the product they make and the robot devised as employee, as opposed to say the humble pear and Estonian labourer who wakes at 4am to do the job.

Yet I am still at a loss why these farmers can't devise a machine that picks a fucking apple off a tree!?!

I have written numerous articles on shrink wrap machinery and associated product line machinery and they do everything from sorting shapes and size by laser, to temperature control, sealing cans and bottles and sorting the small from the large before packing it all on automated palletisers and all achieved with no significant human intervention whatsoever.

It's a fucking apple!

News is also highlighting shortages in NHS. I do wonder if all those meals delivered to beds in hospitals are also dealt out by hand. For if a robot went bed to bed, ward to ward, the person who used to deliver meals could be a nurse instead. I did read a while back they were rolling out automated robot pill vendors. Coming to a high street near you soon when they legalise cannabis.

Does anyone recall the news about that sandwich making facility near or at Heathrow. It employed over 200 people from Poland to do the 'must have studied for five years, got a PHD in stroking a slice of bread with a sliver of butter and placing a geometrically precise shape of ham and cheese with a dollop of mayonnaise Sandwich degree...


That's 200 less houses, one less policeman, one less nurse, one less council worker, one less bin collector, one less doctor, probably 200 less benefits pay outs and UK carbon footprint reduced.

Edited by numbernine 13/9/2017 09:46
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