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Dear Farmers nw
13 November 2017 11:41 Post ID: #1560456
This is a start

But you can do so much more. Have a word with Dyson, he automates a lot of his farming practices. You do not need people to get up at 5am to drive a tractor across a grid system. Tractors can turn themselves on and harvest an entire field by itself. We was doing this with a robot in school as 6 years olds in the 1980s, programming left and right turns and off it goes.

Fucks knows why they even need people to pull crops out of the ground.

Well I do know, because labour was cheaper than paying for automated machinery.

That's how much the EU has held the UK back on engineering and invention. It's termed the car wash theory. Imagine, two million and more additional workers in the UK for twenty years, pressure on services, workers that were never needed across many sectors all because labour was cheaper than automated machinery.

Nice idea UN globalisation agenda 21 but worked too quickly. Ruining three generations of western people's livelihoods.

Edited by numbernine 13/11/2017 11:43
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13 November 2017 21:42 Post ID: #1560509 - in reply to #1560456
With all this automation, what happens when machines do almost every job and manufactures everything and provides every service? No one will have a job to be able to buy the things manufactured or pay for the services provided. That’s when capitalism will have truly eaten itself! And that’s when we’ll need a socialist system otherwise we’ll have to revert back a few hundred years and have a feudal system again.
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13 November 2017 23:44 Post ID: #1560519 - in reply to #1560456
The same thing as now, people who can't afford children get given money to keep them. Tax on robotic income, a lot of people will move to community service or science or education, and receive £10,000 to £20,000 a year for doing so. Why should the human race toil when robots can do all the work - just as long as they don't take over. UK is already a semi socialist state, has been for sixty years. But the current labour party ain't socialist they're just fucking barmy.

Corporations are already working against people and governments. The biggest swell change for individuals giving up jobs and working for themselves thanks to the internet twenty years ago is being destroyed by internet giants. Google, Amazon are currently the worst but nothing being done about them yet. Amazon bringing down wages and income and G automates so much shit that search will be redundant as they're taking everybody's content and using it for themselves.

The reaction to all of this has already begin it's called Trump and Brexit and once Brexit is accomplished more will come. The people, whether they realise it or not, are fighting back.

Edited by numbernine 13/11/2017 23:46
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